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We Help You Organize Your Financial Affairs

For clarity, accuracy & peace of mind

Meet Julie Maxwell

Daily Money Manager

Julie Maxwell, MBA, is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).  She spent her corporate career in technology, human resources and systems administration. Trying to juggle home and work life, she realized that her financial affairs needed to be streamlined if she was going to enjoy quality time with her family. She implemented both high and low-tech solutions to minimize time spent on her finances. Realizing that others could benefit from these solutions, she launched Financial Tranquility in 2017.  Julie holds a Bachelor of Science with a Math Major from Bucknell University, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

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About Us

Who We Serve

People feeling 
overwhelmed by the tasks of managing their financial matters

Someone whose spouse is ill or deceased, and needs help understanding the financial aspects of a changed life

Caregivers who don't have the time or expertise to take care of their loved one's financial matters

Individuals who would like to gain more personal time by offloading their financial affairs

People with cognitive or physical impairments who need assistance with money matters to live safely and independently 

Who We Serve

Our Goal is to Reduce Your Stress and Give You More Time to Enjoy Life

How it Works


Depending on your individual needs, we can

  • Work with you to streamline and pay your bills

  • Provide financial clarity if you have experienced an unexpected family change

  • Set up high-tech and low-tech solutions to simplify financial tasks

  • Organize your files – either hard copy or electronic

  • Reconcile bank, credit card & investment statements

  • Establish budget and spending plans

  • Manage medical bills & insurance reimbursements

  • Compile financial information for taxes, mortgage, school financial aid & other applications

How Does it Work

Although each client is unique, we follow a similar approach

  • When you call, we discuss what is not working.  We explore your vision for success and discuss a possible plan of action.

  • Next step is a short, no-cost home visit or video conference to dig deeper into what you need.  This visit is followed by a written proposal - an "Understanding Document"

  • Work begins.  It may be a single project or an ongoing relationship.  It may be on-site or virtual.  

  • As needed, we communicate with your accountant, attorney, investment advisors and family members

What Clients Say About Us

Before Julie, I was incurring huge late and overdraft fees.  In the nine months I’ve been working with her, I haven’t had a single fee, and I’ve built up a small emergency fund."

- O.G.

"Julie has taken a huge stress off my shoulders.  I wasn’t sure if my bills were being paid or not.  Julie has most of the bills paid automatically and she shows me the bank statements to ensure they have been paid. Together, we go through the mail to catch any additional bills or problems.   This has been an enormous relief."


Julie helped me understand where my money was going and how to budget.  She put things into terms that I could easily grasp amd set up a fabulous repository of account information to give my family access to my finances in case something happened to me."


- T.P.

"Julie worked with my client to efficiently gather the information I needed to develop my client’s financial plan.  She quickly synthesized the financial data so that I could clearly understand my client’s spending habits. Julie now has an ongoing relationship with the client and works with her to follow the budget developed during the planning process.  She is a vital member of my client’s financial team." -


- Financial Planner

"Julie is as important as my doctor.  He keeps my body healthy.  Julie keeps my finances healthy."

- S.M.


"I love helping people find more time to spend doing what they love most."

Please get in touch with us

Tel:  401-400-2751

Fax: 401-633-7646

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